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28 Sep 2017

Review: Murray’s Nu Nile

Use for parting, lifting and styling hard to manage hair. Great for waves, curls, bobbed and straight hair styles—perfect for creating the “wet” look. Petroleum-based Pomade Size: 3 oz/85 gr Hair Style: Great for waves, curls, bobbed and straight hair styles Hold: Medium-heavy Shine: Just enough sheen to be called nice Scent: Light lemon

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20 Sep 2017

Review: Edwin Jagger – Premium Shaving Cream

Containing no parabens or mineral oils, Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving creams are ideal for sensitive skin. A small amount is all it takes to generate a voluminous lather. Product Highlights: Contains no parabens (preservatives) or mineral oils 99% natural ingredients Rich, special and concentrated formula Subtle fragrance Suits normal and sensitive skin types Unique

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12 Sep 2017

Review: Murray’s Superior Pomade

The original since 1926. Stylists worldwide praise Murray’s versatility and ability to create any style. Adds texture, shine and lift while holding the hair in place all day. Petroleum-based Pomade Size: 2 sizes: 1.125 oz/32 gr & 3oz/85 gr Hair Style: Pompadours, Controls and Enhances Natural Waves Hold: Strong Shine: 3 Stars Scent:

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05 Sep 2017

Review: The Bluebeards Revenge – Face Scrub

This rich, creamy scrub has been carefully formulated to provide men with a relaxing facial treatment that removes dirt and grime from deep inside the skin’s pores. Men’s Face Scrub Size: 100 ml Highlights: – Effective at removing unwanted grime and oil from the skin – Finely crushed olive stones gently exfoliate

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25 Aug 2017

Is Donning The Beard Still Trendy?

Beards give guys the opportunity to express themselves and to “accessorize” in ways unique to them. Growing a beard is a statement regarding who they are and how they wish to be perceived by other people. However, you may be wondering; Is the beard still hot, or is it going out of style? Are guys gonna

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20 Aug 2017

Review: Uppercut Deluxe – Degreaser

The ultimate removing power for styling product residues and other daily grime. A real game changer. Even the mightiest of build ups is no match for Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser.   Men’s Shampoo Available in 2 sizes: 240ml/8.1 fl.oz (R) & 1 L / 33.8 fl.oz Buy Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser | (NEW) Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser (1 L) For

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12 Aug 2017

Review: Brickell Men’s Clarifying Gel Face Wash

Energize and clear your skin using powerful natural ingredients with the best Face Wash for men from Brickell. For all skin types, especially for normal/oily/combo skin. Men’s Face Wash Size: 8oz Highlight: Formulated for men with normal or oily skin to remove oily and shine without over-drying. Powerful ingredients remove dead skins

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04 Aug 2017

Review: Gonzo Anti-friction Shave Gel

Whatever you choose to use this shave gel for, your skin will be left feeling minty and refreshed! Multi-purpose shave gel Size: 15.2 fl.oz / 450ml Highlight: Provides a close and extra comfortable shave every time Non-foaming gel helps prevent micro cuts and irritations Leaves a refreshing, minty feeling Can be used as an

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Parker straight razor range
28 Jul 2017

Mini Reviews: Parker Straight Razors

Who is Parker? Anyone who discovered the joy of straight razor shaving knows that Parker is one of the leaders in this industry. They are a family run business that was established in 1973, and they are quite proud of their heritage. The company has upheld the highest standards of production, subjecting them to extensive engineering and

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18 Jul 2017

The Types of Razor (a.k.a. Why Shaving Razor is The Best) You Can Get

Making the switch to a straight razor from a safety razor can be daunting for first timers, but with a little practice, you can achieve a flawless shave with a straight razor, making it a truly rewarding experience. We think the first step for you to get there would be to know the variety of razors available

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